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St Croix Mojo Inshore Review

St Croix Mojo Inshore Review

The St. Croix Mojo Inshore spinning rod is an extremely lightweight and well-built graphite rod that is designed specifically for saltwater inshore fishing.  From the time you pick this rod up, you know that you have something special in your hands.

While this is still what I would call an affordable rod (under $150), it is not cheap. However, it is very apparent when you look at the quality build and components that St. Croix has used in this rod that it is built to last.

The rod blank is made of premium quality SCII graphite.  The guides are Baston Forecast aluminum oxide with 316 stainless steel to reduce the chance of corrosion. These are coupled with a Fuji reel seat and a premium-grade cork handle (split on the spinning series) all backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

I personally fish the St. Croix Mojo in a 7′ Medium Light Fast and I love this rod.  I am able to place the lure or bait almost exactly where I want it each time as the action is so awesome on this rod.  I find the rod to be extremely well balanced and light.

I grew up fishing for trout with a fly rod so I like to battle the fish, not just haul it in for the sake of catching it. I find this to be more sporting.


As I mentioned earlier the St. Croix Mojo is not only a great looking rod that performs well, but it is comprised of top of the line components and is a 100% handmade rod. Let’s take a look.

Premium quality SCII graphite blank – The Mojo Inshore spinning rod starts out with a premium quality SCII graphite rod bank.  What we mean by premium is the amount of the graphite modulus that are found in the blank.

The graphite modulus basically describes the stiffness to weight ratio of the graphite used to make the blank. Typically, the higher the modulus, the lighter and more sensitive the rod. The reason being is that it requires less material because the higher modulus graphite is stiffer.

Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides – The Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides are made with 316 stainless-steel frames which dramatically improve the overall corrosion resistance when compared to standard 304 stainless-steel frame.

Fuji DPS reel seat– The St. Croix Mojo inshore rod uses standard Fuji DPS reel seats that are known for their quality and durability.  A quality reel seat means that you are going to be transferring the feel of the fish you are trying to hook or are fighting into the handle of the rod without any slop and therefore increased sensitivity.

Split-grip/premium-grade cork handle – I have always been a fan of the split grip handle as I just feel that the rod is better balanced. St. Croix uses a premium grade cork without any flaws that is not only beautiful to look at but also is not going to flake and fall apart after years of use.  A good cork handle always allows you to feel the fight better and I think offers a much better grip when the handle is wet.

Flex Coat slow cure finish – Once all of the components have been assembled, St. Croix brings it all together and finishes the rod off with 2 layers of the Flex Coat slow-cure finish.

Flex Coat is an epoxy finish that is used to seal the rod wraps to a point where you basically cannot see the wrapping material.  This provides for a clean look and a long lifespan.

 Features at a Glance

  • Premium-quality SCII graphite.
  • Specialized inshore saltwater series designed and built for superior performance.
  • Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides
  • Fuji DPS reel seat/black hoods on spinning models.
  • Split-grip/premium-grade cork handle.
  • Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.

For those of you who want all the details I have provided the chart below.  The Mojo Inshore Spinning reel offers 3 different handles.

MIS70MLF7'MLFast16-141/8 - 1/24.41
MIS70MF7'MFast18-173/8 - 3/44.91
MIS70MHF7'MHFast110-201/2 - 1 1/45.12
MIS70HF7'HFast115 - 303/4 - 25.92
MIS76MLF7'6"MLFast16-141/8 - 1/24.81
MIS76MF7'6"MFast18-173/8 - 3/45.11
MIS76MHF7'6"MHFast110-201/2 - 1 1/46.12
MIS76HF7'6"HFast115 - 303/4 - 26.73

Field Test

I have a Mojo Inshore in a 7′ Medium Light Fast which is the 6-14 model and it is a great all around rod! It is sensitive for jigging and has a good feel on the retrieve. I find the rod to be sensitive, but have enough backbone to muscle in a big fish such as a large red or snook.

Currently, I have the Mojo paired with a Penn Battle II 3000. But, I feel that it is a bit heavy so I will be replacing it shortly with a Shimano Stradic FX in the 2500 series.  The weight difference between the two reels is 4 oz. or 1/3 of the total weight so I am sure that the whole rig will fish quite a bit better with the lighter Shimano reel.

As for action, I love the way the Mojo performs.  There is enough backbone to get my lure or soft bait to the target with extreme accuracy. I have really noticed a difference when I am casting up under the mangroves or under a dock.

I am able to flick the lure and get it right where I want it.  Once I am engaged with a fish, I love the way the rod handles the load. This is definitely a lightweight setup but that is what I like best for fish that are under 10 lbs.


  • Handmade rod
  • Premium graphite blank
  • Fuji components
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • 5 year warranty


  • Really don’t have any


If you want to spend a few dollars less and the split handle is something that is not important to you, then I can recommend that you check out the Star Stellar Lite series of rods which start at around $100, carry a lifetime warranty and are also made here in the USA. Read the full review of the Star Stellar Lite HERE.

If you have a few more dollars to spend, I can recommend that you check out the G Loomis E6X rod which is an excellent rod. The price point starts out at $179 and for me fishes very much like the big brother, the G Loomis NRX which is a a $600+ rod.  Read the full review of the G Loomis E6X HERE and the full review of the G Loomis NRX HERE.

In Conclusion

The St. Croix Mojo is my go to rod for about 80% of my fishing here in the SW Florida flats.  I like the fact that I can catch smaller fish such as a 12″ spotted trout and enjoy the fight.

But when I hook into a jack or a redfish in the 10-15 lbs range, I can still fight the fish and land it without feeling like I am stressing my equipment.  Previous to the St. Croix Mojo, I had been fishing the Star Stellar Lite which is still a fine rod, but I like the action and the weight of the St Croix Mojo better.

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Saturday 25th of May 2019

Great review. Can this rod handle casting 1/2oz hair raisers or 3/8 to 1/2 swimbait with a shad head? I own other st croix rods in the premier and avid line and they tend to fish one power higher then their rating. For example a ML has the power and action of a M.

Salted Angler

Monday 27th of May 2019

I fish the 7" MLF model # MIS70MLF as one of my primary inshore rods for trout and reds and throw swimbaits and jerk bait all day with no issues. I love this rod for the price you can't go wrong.