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Best 13 Fishing Reel Reviews

Best 13 Fishing Reel Reviews

13 Fishing is known primarily for their low profile baitcasting reels and has started to develop a solid reputation in the industry since its founding in 2011.

One of the things that many anglers like about 13 Fishing is the ability to customize their reels with what 13 Fishing calls TrickShop.  With TrickShop you can replace many of the components of the Concept reels from handles, star drags, spools and cast control caps.

For a company that has only been around for a handful of years, 13 Fishing is making great headway in the marketplace and is becoming an innovator with things like their Concept Z. 

The Concept Z is the first ever high-performance casting reel that has literally zero ball bearings.  The ball bearings have been replaced with a polymer material that so far has produced amazing results.

Best 13 Fishing Baitcasting Reel Reviews

13 Fishing Concept A

Retail $ 175

The 13 Fishing Concept A is going to be your next step up from the 13 Fishing Inception in the low profile baitcasting reels.  In 2015 the Concept A was modified to add the beetle wing sideplate which we love.  At 6.8 oz this is a lightweight reel that has great stopping capability with 22 lbs of bulldog drag system.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
721 - 325.3:1 - 8.1:1223AC+3SS+1RB6.8

13 Fishing Concept A3

Retail $ 225

The 13 Fishing Concept A3 is going to be your go-to low profile reel for those larger baits.  It is a heavier reel coming in at 10.5 oz but you gain a superior 30 lbs of drag and heavier duty Hamai cut gears to stop those larger fish in their tracks.  Just like the Concept A it has the beetle wing side plate we like so much and the option of either cork handles or a power knob.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
428.8 - 376.3:1 - 8.1:1303AC+3SS+1RB10.5

13 Fishing Concept C

Retail $ 230

The 13 Fishing Concept C is the bigger brother of the Concept A and maintains the small form factor that sets these reels apart from say a Daiwa Tatula series.  The additional dollars for this reel are going land you with a reel that is slightly lighter in weight and has additional high spin anti-corrosion ball bearings that make it super smooth.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
721 - 325.3:1 - 8.1:1224AC+4SS+1RB6.2

13 Fishing Concept Z

Retail $ 199

The 13 Fishing Concept Z is the first reel to market that has Zero ball bearings.  The bearings are replaced by a polymer bearing that will never rust and cause the bearings to bind up.  The result is a reel that is lightweight and casts very well with the downside that it does make some noise that can be annoying to some people. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsGear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)

13 Fishing Inception

Retail $ 119

The 13 Fishing Inception is the lower end of the low profile baitcasting reels offered by 13 Fishing but it packs a punch.  First released in 2015 at ICAST it offers an affordable aluminum frame with graphite sideplates and two gearing options to suit your particular fishing style.  This is a very smooth reel with great castability and 18 lbs of drag.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
427.8 - 346.6:1 - 8.1:1182JHS+5SS+1RB6.9

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