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Best Accurate Fishing Reel Reviews

Accurate Fishing touts itself as the “Home of the Best Saltwater Fishing Reels” and if you are a west coast fisherman who likes to tackle offshore species, your paths have probably crossed.

The company was founded in 1990 and in 1997 they introduced the patented TwinDrag system fishing reels.  Accurate is known by serious fishermen to produce some of the strongest and lightest weight fishing reels on the market today.

They primarily have a focus on the conventional reel market and are probably most well known for the Accurate Valiant BV-300 and Accurate Valiant BV-400 series of reels.

These are very lightweight starting at under 10 oz. and can easily handle fish up to 50 lbs.

Best Accurate Conventional Reel Reviews

Accurate Valiant BV-300

Retail $ 399

The Accurate Valiant BV-300 is an amazing compact and very lightweight conventional reel that is designed for casting and jigging both near shore and off shore.  This is a very high-quality reel that has an extremely smooth twindrag system and is capable of landing big fish even though it is in a small package.  READ OUR FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)

Accurate Valiant BV-400 and BV2-400

Retail $ 459

The Accurate Valiant BV-400 is the bigger brother of the BV-300 and not only adds more line capacity but also more drag 26 lbs to be exact.  You also get a line clicker and there is a 2-speed version the Accurate Valiant BV2-400.

Both of these are very high-quality reels that have an extremely smooth twin-drag system and are capable of landing big fish without any problems while still being lightweight.  READ OUR FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
219 / 383.1:1 / 6.1:126214 - 14.3

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