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About SA

My name is David Edwards and I created Salted Angler to share my passion for fishing, scuba diving and the ocean with those who are already hooked on the lifestyle, “pun intended” and those who are just getting started.

I love learning and sharing knowledge with others both in business and in my personal life, as well as connecting like-minded people.  It is my intention to provide unbiased product reviews to assist you in making educated decisions when you purchase fishing gear and services. Hopefully, you will find this information valuable and will purchase products through the links on this site which help to support the ongoing effort.

To make this easy for you I have broken the reviews down by type of products and manufacturers.



I also want to build a community that is positive and informative where we can all learn and increase our skills as anglers, while at the same time bringing awareness to the health of our oceans and inshore fisheries.  By being good stewards of the environment we can assure that future generations will have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors the way we have.

Our Team

Gavin Eales

Gavin Eales is very passionate about all things fishing. Prior to his time writing for Salted Angler, Gavin headed up a campaign for Finn’s Fishing Tips where he oversaw and wrote a wide variety of articles. Gavin, himself, is experienced in fresh-water, off-shore and estuary fishing. If you’ve got any questions related to fishing, Gavin is your guy!

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