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About Salted Angler

Here at Salted Angler, our team of fishermen are passionate to share their love of fishing and all things related to the water with someone. They love connecting with other people who are already “hooked” on the lifestyle and with those people who wanted to learn how to get started. No matter if you’re looking to go on your 100th fishing trip or if you’ve just thought about taking a stroll down to your local pond, our team is here to help you find the best fishing gear you need to ensure you’re catching all the fish!

And with all of the different types of fishing rods, fishing conditions, and tricks out there on the market, you may find that you’re more than overwhelmed with all of the knowledge getting thrown at you. That’s why our team on the Salted Angler is dedicated to helping you figure out what your fishing needs and style are. That way, you can relax and unwind however you wish while you’re out fishing. But, that’s not all you’re going to find here either!

Simply put: we love the water. We love fishing. And between our team combined, we’ve caught our plenty share of fish. We love the thrill of fighting against the powerful fish in the water as we try to real in our big catch. Even more, we love the huge rush of satisfaction that comes out the way when we finally beat our personal best records. 

And while we love fishing, we know how important it is to connect with like-minded people. Our team of expert fishermen are excited to help you discover all of the tools and resources you need to take your fishing game up a notch. 

So, no matter what your experience is, how big of a fish you’re on the hunt for, or how long you’ve fished for in the past, we’re here to guide you with all of the information you need. We’re here to help you make an educated decision the next time you go shopping for fishing services and gear. 

Here’s a list of all of the products and manufacturers we have reviews on: 



Our Environmental Mission

On the Salted Angler, we want to build up a community of positivity. We want that everyone who comes to our site learns how to increase their skills as an angler. But, we also care about the health of our rivers and oceans. So, you’ll always find advice that’s based on the well-being of the environment on our website. This way, we can assure that future generations will have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors the way we have.

What We Offer

Salted Angler isn’t just the name of our website. We’re obsessed with all things that come with fishing for anglers. All of the content that’s created on the Salted Angler has one purpose: to help you. You’ll find reviews, guides, and comparisons that provide you with all of the insight you need to decide on the best gear options for yourself. 

How This Works

Here on Salted Angler, we only have team members who are as obsessed with angler fishing as we are. With every product and service we review, our team of expert (and professional) fishermen goes through a careful process to ensure we treat every product we try fairly. All of our expertise is brought together to put together a complete piece of content to help you figure out what’s best for you.

So, we look through all of the top-rated, trending, and unique fishing items on the market. We order everything ourselves and wait for it to arrive. Then, we record, photograph, and test out every single step of the process of using whatever product we ordered. If we discover that there’s something wrong with the service or item when we order it, you’ll know about it. If we have any parts of the product or service that we really love, you’ll know about it. 

On top of that, we make sure to answer any questions that come up from our readers. 

Our Core Values

  • Focus
  • Boldness
  • Awareness
  • Satisfaction
  • Responsibility

Our Angling-Obsessed Team

Robert Millar – Proud owner of The Salted Angler

Robert Millar

Robert grew up on the Gold Coast in Australia, where spear fishing and saltwater fishing are part of the culture. After school, while his friends were busy on their skateboards and BMX bikes, Robert was down at the beach fishing for bream, flathead and whiting with his long beach rod. He even competed in fishing and diving competitions, and won the city’s foremost skin diving competition when he was just 17 years of age. Rob still gets down to the beach to fish for dinner whenever he’s back in Australia, but mostly just prefers to help the expert fishermen at the Salted Anger from his home in Japan. 

Why am I giving advice on the Salted Angler? 

Like the seasoned anglers on this site, I was an avid fisherman as a boy and grew up consuming everything I could get my hands on about catching that next great fish.

Now I own what I believe is the foremost website in the world in the fishing niche where our team actually tests the gear and catches fish and reports back to our readers, unlike other sites which just report on other people’s information. We test, we fish, we know.

What was the first fish you ever caught? 

A casting net full of sea mullet! My dad was a builder who built a retaining wall out of brick and concrete to protect our house from the rising tides in our canal. The mullet became groggy from the concrete dust, and swam way to close to the shore. So I went to the local camping store, spent my pocket money on a casting net, and caught them all! Of course, we couldn’t eat them… 

What got you interested in fishing?

My Grandpa. He had a small 18-foot dinghy with a 15Hp Mercury outboard motor on the back and we’d go out into the Broadwater on the weekends and he’d teach me the craft. Best days of my life.

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

I once caught a shovel-nosed shark at Tangalooma off the Queensland North Coast in Australia. It took me over an hour to land because every time I got him close to the shore he’d thrash away into the deeper waters again with the drag on my reel screaming in protest! When I finally landed him, I released him back into the water. He was such a worthy opponent, it seemed only right.  

What’s one tip you would give to anyone who’s going to go saltwater fishing for the first time? 

For saltwater fishing, hire an expert. There are just too many variables, and you can easily end up disappointed or even in danger. For freshwater fishing, others may disagree but I reckon just get out there and experiment. 

What are your social media links?

Here’s my Facebook profile

Coty Perry – Our Lead Professional Fisherman

Coty grew up in a family of fishermen, so he didn’t have much of a choice when it came to learning how to fish. And since fishing runs in his blood, he’s fallen in love with it. He even turns to fish to relax after a hard day of fishing. He loves the thrill he gets from a big catch. He’s always looking to beat his personal best record and help other people get addicted to fishing like the way he is!

Why am I giving advice on the Salted Angler? 

I want to help anglers who weren’t lucky enough to grow up as a generational fishermen. Fishing can sometimes be intimidating, but you shouldn’t have to worry about looking “dumb” or embarrassing yourself. I want my how-to guides and gear reviews to guide you and walk you through the process of becoming a better angler. 

What was the first fish you ever caught? 

Oh boy, I can remember catching nothing but pickerel for my years fishing some of the muddiest ponds in Northeastern PA. I’m going to say pickerel was the first fish. 

What got you interested in fishing?

It wasn’t a choice. My grandfather and dad basically said, “we’re going fishing.” I’d go out on the boat with my Gameboy but after a while, I took an interest. Two decades later and I’ve made it my career. 

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

I caught a 35lb muskie trolling back to the dock to wrap it up for the day about 10 years ago. It was at a place called Prompton Dam about 20 miles outside of Scranton PA. 

What’s one tip you would give to anyone who’s going to go saltwater fishing for the first time? 

Get a charter. If you’ve never been offshore fishing before or even canal fishing, you need a charter because very few people can pick up a conventional rod and 30lb braid and actually be able to manage it. You need someone to help you and charters know the ins and out of offshore fishing. 

What are your social media links?

Here’s my LinkedIn

David Borgogni – Saltwater Gear Expert

Why am I giving advice on the Salted Angler?

Fishing has been a part of my life since childhood, and over the years, it became a hobby, something I do to recharge my batteries. Being a contributing writer at the Salted Angler allowed me to combine the two things I love the most in life, fishing, and writing. It also gave me an opportunity to be a part of a community that cares about fishing as much as I do. 

What was the first fish you ever caught?

The first fish I ever caught was a carp. 

What got you interested in fishing?

My dad used to take me fishing most weekends when I was a kid. He would often speak about fishing rods he saw at the local fishing store or baits he wanted to try out. As I grew older, fishing became a passion we shared.



What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

I once caught a 5-foot-long Atlantic cod that weighed over 50lbs.

What’s one tip you would give to anyone who’s going to go saltwater fishing for the first time?

Never take your eyes off an active rod. Fish can bite at any moment.