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Abu Garcia Revo STX Baitcast Reel Review

Abu Garcia Revo STX Baitcast Reel Review

In this review of the 4th generation of the Abu Garcia Revo STX, we take a look at all the features that make this an excellent choice for fishing fanatics and bass hunters searching for a new baitcasting reel that offers strength and longevity for both freshwater and saltwater gamefish.

If you desire a baitcaster that delivers extensive casting distance, precision action, and all-around smoothness when fishing your favorite lake, river or inshore fishery, then this high-quality Abu Garcia Gen 4 Revo STX reel fits the bill.

Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4 Exterior & Gear Ratios

Relatively lightweight at 7.3 oz and compact, this fourth-generation low-profile Abu Garcia reel offers a whole-new feel for anglers. With the silver matte finish atop ergonomic handling with both aluminum sideplate, and the tougher than nails C6 carbon palm sideplate, this reel is built to last no matter what the elements, even saltwater.

The Revo STX baitcast reel also offers three-gear ratios that cater to a variety of rig sizes, set-ups, and conditions. Choosing your preferred gear ratio that fits can get daunting for some, so here’s some brief insight on the available gear ratios for the Gen 4.

Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4 Gear Ratios

6.6:1 A lower gear ratio is an excellent choice for medium-depth crankbaits, shallow spinnerbaits, or squarebill crankbaits. The 6:6:1 produces high-level smoothness for bass anglers and remains ideal for those close or far-range targets when using lures that require slow and accurate jigging.

7.3:1 The mid-level gear ratio is ideal for a speedy lure return when fishing with jerk baits, jigs, plastic worms, and active topwater baits. If you’re fishing the shallows from a distance, you may require extra speed, especially when fishing for more explosive fish that enjoy a chase. The 7:3:1 gear ratio adds ample speed and response time when you need to take out the slack in your line immediately.

8.0:1 The rapid speed gear ratio, 8:1 is the proper choice for sight fishing or when fishing with fast-motion lures like rattle-traps or lipless crankbaits that require extra speed. If you need to get through surface vegetation or debris, this top gear ratio is fluent and efficient, and the 8:1 is the way to go if you typically fish with lures that require faster spool-retrieval.

The Bottom Line

  • An excellent mid-tier priced baitcasting reel suitable for the weekend warrior and tournament fisherman
  • Very smooth carbon matrix drag system
  • Great centrifugal braking system to minimize backlashes
  • Very light alloy frame that is super durable

The Abu Garcia Revo STX 4th Generation baitcaster is an all-around winner and is available HERE.

Abu Garcia Revo STX Features

Now that you know a little bit about the construction and gear ratios involved with this fourth generation Abu Garcia, let’s dig into the versatile features in the redefined Revo STX.

X2-Craftic Aluminum Alloy frame – The frame construction for this Gen 4 Abu Garcia reel redefines reliability and durability, which sets it apart from previous reel generations. The alloy frame and coating are designed to increase longevity with its corrosion-resistant properties and the strength of this frame makes sure that everything stays in perfect alignment, which increases the smoothness of the reel.

Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System – The drag system for this Abu Garcia baitcasting reel is above par. Whether you’re jigging for lake trout, fishing with live bait for Blue Gill, or hunting trophy Bass with topwater lures or plastic worms, the drag pressure and smoothness of the 4th generation Revo STX works phenomenally for freshwater fish.

The carbon drag washers are double in width, creating more surface area and enhanced sturdiness.  With the additional width capacity plus a high-max drag of 24 lbs, buyers have up to 20% more drag resistance than previous reel generations. The level of drag strength for this freshwater reel comes in handy when fighting lunker fish. In the case you hook into a freshwater Tarpon or Snook, adjusting drag pressure with the ergonomically designed star is quick and efficient.

Extended 90mm Handle – The longer 90mm reel handle provides smooth action for rapid or slow retrieving speeds. Also, the plus-size EVA knobs offer additional grip and leverage when pumping and reeling in your next catch. With the previous length of 80mm, an extra 10mm makes all the difference when it comes to comfortable controllability in a reel handle.

Gull-Wing Side Plate and IVCB-6L Braking System  – This is a major upgrade from the 3rd generation Revo STX, which had the Infini Braking System.

With the IVCB-6L (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake Lock) you will find that controlling the distance of your cast is very easy, and it is quick to adjust under the gullwing sideplate. If you decide to suddenly switch up your levels of tension and therefore casting distance, accessing the IVCB-6L is convenient and straightforward.

Unlike previous Revo STX reel generations and a few other baitcaster reel brands, adjusting to your preferred braking tension is quick and easy, and can be accomplished by simply flipping forward the now-attached Gull-Wing side-plate. Just lock or unlock the six brake arms to fine-tune the brakes for your preferred bait size and wind conditions.

Ever-Slik Coated Pinion Shaft and Pawl – An essential component to all baitcast reels, Abu Garcia adds extra protection where anglers need it most in a reel. Whether you’re fishing for fresh, brackish, or saltwater game, the Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4 is ready for it all. The Ever-Slik corrosion-resistant coating of the pinion shaft creates a smooth and durable surface.

Titanium-Coated line guide –  The titanium-coated line guide does an excellent job of preventing line-wear and friction when casting and retrieving.  This is also essential to achieving a long cast and having your expensive braided line last longer.

Dura-Clutch Thumb Bar – If you experienced a clunky thumb bar clutch with previous generations of the Revo STX Gen 4, or other competitor baitcast reels, the Gen 4 offers a whole-new Dura-Clutch thumb bar that enhances the action of every cast. Not as heavy and rough as it once was, the Dura-Clutch Thumb Bar was designed to add responsiveness for different-size lures and baits. Also, the solid-clicking sound, when engaged, is just as appealing to your control hand as it is to your ears.

Infini II Spool Design – The Revo STX Gen 4 offers a redefined spool that enables longer casting range and a robust design that holds its own when taking on the stress of a massive fight.

HOCR Bearings –  With a total of 10 stainless steel HPCR ball bearings, plus the single roller bearing also coated with corrosion protective properties, the Revo STX Gen 4 is more dynamic and fluent than it ever was. Experience phenomenally smooth retrieval with a feel-good resistance when cranking in your lure.

Lube Port  – The gears inside of your baitcaster reel require routine maintenance. When the Revo STX Gen 4 needs a few drops of lube oil to maintain fluid functionality, the lube port makes for quick and simple access when you feel the need to lubricate the gears.

 Features at a Glance

  • 10 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • X2-Cräftic™ alloy frame
  • Aluminum handle sideplate combined with C6 carbon palm sideplate
  • Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System™
  • Duragear™ brass gear
  • D2 Gear Design™
  • Everslik™ coated pinion shaft and pawl
  • DuraClutch™
  • IVCB-6L™ braking system
  • Gull Wing™ sideplate design
  • Infini II™ spool design
  • Compact bent handle and star
  • Ti coated line guide
  • Lube port

Field Test

Testing Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4 couldn’t have gone any smoother. With calm conditions and a light breeze blowing west off the Caloosahatchee following an afternoon thunderstorm, the fish were just as active as the heat lightning was off in the distance. We paired the Revo STX Gen 4 with one of our personal favorites, the St. Croix Avid Series Casting Rods.

It seemed like the ideal pair and it fit flush with the silver matte color of the Gen 4, and the St. Croix signature cork grip. We decided on a 6’6″ medium extra fast rod size because we were between brackish and freshwater after a solid rain and knew fish activity could be popping from both sides.

We trolled the banks, casting at a few roots and fallen trees, and tried our luck on some grassbed shallows. Cruising past a few docks and fishing from the bow, it was easy to control topwater jigs when casting between pilings. The drag felt great after hooking into a sizable 26″ Snook, and the extra large reel handle felt close-to perfect during the fight.

We were targeting mostly Specs, but hoped for a hit from a rogue Snook or Redfish to really put this reel to the test and we were in luck.

Tied with a 1/4 oz. plug, we were quick to notice cast distance for the Gen 4 Revo STX was impeccable after moving toward deeper water. Not only was long casting great, but short distance accuracy for sinking top-waters in tight places and pockets was beyond fantastic.

The reeling action felt sturdy and buttery, with a light resistance and frictionless flow when pulling a top water plug. Also, the bulbous handle grips, atop of the Integrated Poly Curve on the Avid Series Casting rod made every horizontal or vertical lure jig comfortable, and controllable.

One of the major adjustments for the fourth-generation AbuGarcia Revo STX that we noticed is the updated brass Duragear. The D2 Design increases smoothness, longevity, and, most of all, durability because brass doesn’t rust.


  • Longer handle and thicker grip
  • Responsive click-action from the Dura-Clutch Thumb Bar
  • Aluminum Gull-wing side plate for easy access
  • More durability and tension within spool design
  • Corrosion Resistant Coating


  • No significant changes in appearance other than new matte finish.
  • Slightly heavier, weighing 7.3 oz compared to the previous weight of 6.4 oz.
  • Centrifugal internal brake locks may be tricky to handle at first for unexperienced baitcast users.


The Gen 4 Abu Garcia Revo STX is an all-around, mid-priced reel for all skill levels. For the price and quality, the Gen 4 is not a beat around reel to leave unattended on your back porch at night. However, if you are interested in alternative baitcast reels, we’ve hand selected some of our favorites. Here’s our lineup of well-known baitcaster reels that offer smooth performance and action.

The Daiwa Tatula Type-R

If you’re considering a similar baitcast reel, the Daiwa Tatula Type-R provides excellent quality and durability for around the same price. In comparison to the Abu Garcia, the Daiwa Tatula Type-R offers the same 90mm handle, holds a similar weight, but has only 7 bearings + 1 roller bearing. The Tatula Type-R is a fun reel that works with a variety of light tackle rods. With a strong reputation in the Bass fishing community, the Type-R is a standout baitcaster reel for all skill levels.  Read the full Daiwa Tatula Type-R Review HERE.

Shimano Curado 70

With a sharp design and exterior finish similar to the Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4, the Shimano Curado 70 is slightly more expensive, nearing a retail price of around $200. This baitcast reel utilizes Shimano’s X-Ship technology, which creates exceptional durability and smoothness. As an upper skill level baitcast reel, the Curado 70 is constructed with a Hagane body that is extremely lightweight at 6.5 oz. Way lighter than the first Shimano Curado K edition, which weighs 7.0 ounces. Read the full Shimano Curado 70 Review HERE.

13 Fishing Concept C

Incredibly stylish with the smooth silver pearl finish and Airfoil Carbon sideplates, the fashionably sturdy cork handle grips really make this baitcaster standout from the ordinary. The 13 Fishing Concept C is a lightweight baitcast reel at 6.2 oz that offers a tactical feel, and is easily matched with a custom cork-handle rod combo.

Pricier than the other baitcast reels we’ve discussed, the Concept C offers the 22 lb Bulldog drag system and a 6-way centrifugal braking system, much like the Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4.   Read the full 13 Fishing Concept C Review HERE.

In Conclusion

Durability and practical design are what we look for most when reviewing our favorite reels, and the Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4 amplifies everything for anglers who don’t mind spending a little extra cash on a new baitcasting reel.

The Abu Garcia Revo STX Gen 4 is a top contender when compared to other low-profile reels and for the money you receive a high-level of functionality at an affordable price. Freshwater reel buyers in search of an excellent selection of gear ratios in a reel as well as a genuinely well constructed low-profile reel will definitely get what they pay for when bringing home this Baitcasting reel.

The Revo STX Gen 4 sits between the mid-level and advanced spectrum for new fishing reels, and Abu Garcia has yet again produced an all-around practical baitcasting reel. With Abu Garcia’s long reputation for manufacturing top-notch baitcasting reels, for the price of the Revo STX Gen 4, you’ll love the easy maintenance and longevity offered by this universal baitcasting reel.

With improved construction this Abu Garcia model holds its own when fighting fish and remains a standout reel that meets our standards for high-quality fishing tackle.

Abu Garcia Revo STX | Amazon

Features Aluminum handle side plate combined with C6 carbon palm side plate provides improved strength and durability. Power stack carbon matrix drag System provides extreme drag pressures combined with unpatrolled smoothness.

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