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Best Florida Fishing Products Reel Reviews

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Florida Fishing Products is a newer manufactured that was founded in 2016 and is based in Tampa, FL.

The company was founded on the basis of delivering quality products at an affordable price point.  They are also very committed to helping bring awarness to the fishery so that we will have a place to fish in years to come.

The first product to be offered is the Osprey spinning reel and we have found it to be a great quality product.

Florida Fishing Products Spinning Reel Reviews

Florida Fishing Products Osprey

Retail $149

The Florida Fishing Products Osprey is the first reel to be brought to market by this exciting new company.  We found the reel to be lightweight and durable as well as being designed from the ground up to deliver an extrodinary experience.  This reel is designed to withstand harsh saltwater conditions and is one of the smoothest reels we have tested.  READ OUR FULL REVIEW

ModelsRetrieve (in)Gear RatioMax Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
531-415.2:118-2410+17.4 - 11.1

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