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Pflueger President Review

Pflueger President Review

The Pflueger President reel was completely redesigned and re-released in the fall of 2011. This reel, although inexpensive, still provides a lot of quality features at a price point that is very affordable, starting at around $59.

While the Pflueger President would not be my first choice for someone who is looking to put together their first saltwater fishing kit, it is certainly not a bad choice if you have a very limited budget.

The main reason that I say it would not be my first choice for saltwater is that none of the components are sealed and thus this reel is going to need to be meticulously maintained if used in a saltwater environment.

With that said, if you do have a limited budget of, say, $100 for a rod and reel combination, I would recommend that you pair the Pflueger President Model 6930X with a Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Model USSP702M in a 7′ Medium Fast for a good all around setup that is going to cover most of your inshore fishing needs and will cost you just about $100.

The Bottom Line

  • This is a very popular spinning reel for freshwater and for good reason
  • Very smooth reel with a 10-bearing system delivers a good experience
  • Good quality construction and lightweight with a graphite body and rotor
  • A great reel but not my first choice for using in saltwater due to the lack of seals around the main shaft and bearings

The Pflueger President is a quality reel and is available HERE.

The first thing that Pflueger did when the redesigned the President was to reduce the body weight by about 10% making for a lighter weight yet still durable reel.  The advantage of having a lighter weight reel is that you can fish longer without wrist and hand fatigue.

Speaking from experience, when I switched from a heavier reel that I love, the Penn Battle II in a 3000, that weighed in at 12.3 oz. to the lighter-weight Shimano Stradic FK 3000 that weighs just 8.3 oz. in the 3000, I was shocked at how I did not have any forearm fatigue after 4-5 hours on the water.

A few ounces might not seem like much but in this case, it was a third lighter and made a huge difference.

The Pflueger President reel comes in 5 sizes, ranging from a size 20 to a size 40, it just so happens that the size 30 actually weighs the same 8.3 oz. as my Shimano Stradic FK 3000 series.


10 Bearing System – Corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings are used in the 10 bearing system, which provides a very smooth retrieve.  Note that this is not a sealed bearing system so you will want to make sure you rinse your reel after every use in saltwater.

Graphite Body and Rotor – The lightweight graphite body and rotor are at the foundation of this reel and make it both durable and light.

Braid Ready Spool – The braid ready spool is made out of solid aluminum and is ported.  This spool allows braid to be tied directly to spool by using a series of vertical rubber grommets that allow the slippery braid to grip the spool without needing to have mono backing.

Sure-Click™ Heavy Duty Aluminum Bail – Pflueger’s Sure Click™ bail is constructed of heavy duty aluminum and should prove to be stronger that in previous models.  The Sure Click™ provides a nice audible click that lets you know the bail is open and ready to cast.  As I have said in other reviews, I recommend that you use your hand to close the bail after you cast to provide a longer lifespan for the reel.

Stainless Steel/Oil Felt Drag – Consistent drag pressure, and corrosion resistant.

Soft Touch Ergonomic Knob – The soft touch ergonomic knob just makes it easier for you to grip the knob.  I like the way Pflueger has used this simple but effective dimpled knob design to make it easier on the finger tips, it just fits well.

Aluminum Handle – Aircraft grade aluminum, extreme durability

Features at a Glance

  • Instant Anti-Reverse One-Way Clutch Bearing
  • Sure-Click Bail System
  • 10 Bearing System
  • Graphite Body & Rotor
  • Stainless Steel oil Felt Frag
  • Backed by Pflueger’s Limited One Year Warranty

In the lightweight fishing reel category, I think that the Pflueger is a very smooth reel.  When checking out the drag system I was impressed with the smoothness for such an inexpensive reel.

The drag can be easily adjusted in micro increments which seems to make it fairly precise. I have not owned the reel for very long so I will be interested to see how this reel holds up over time especially after being fished in saltwater.

I can honestly say that this reel was more than I expected for a reel in what I would classify as the cheap category.

Pflueger also offers the President in a combo package for around $79.99. The rod is not bad, but I would prefer to spend a few more dollars and get the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Model USSP702M in a 7′ Medium Fast for about $20 more.

amazon customer reviews and ratings for Pflueger President reel

Amazon Reviews

When taking a look at what other fishermen had to say about the Pflueger President on Amazon, it is quite apparent that most people feel that for the price point, you get your money’s worth.

76% of reviewers gave this reel a 5-star rating, followed by 15% with a 4-star rating, leaving only 9% giving it a 3 or less.  This is quite impressive for a reel that falls into the cheap category, starting at under $50.

“Great bang for buck quality reel. Smooth and works great. Fit and finish are very nice and the reel looks great on many rods.”
– Mike L.


  • Price point
  • 10 Bearing system
  • Lightweight
  • Good third party reviews
  • Easy to switch left to right hand retrieve


  • Cheaper look and feel
  • Reported drag issues
  • Not sealed for saltwater


Trying to stay at the same price point and getting a reel that will be good for saltwater is a difficult task.  The challenge is that you really want sealed bearings and a carbon drag system for saltwater.

Staying with the Pflueger brand, I would say that you would be well served to spend the extra $25-$30 and move up to the Pflueger Purist if you are going to be fishing in saltwater.  I say this as it has a sealed carbon drag system and will prove to be more durable.  Read the full Pflueger Purist review HERE.

Personally, if you can stretch the budget a bit more, I would recommend that you check out the Daiwa Fuego LT, which can be had for about twice the price (typically $99).  The reason I say this is that you will be getting a reel that has better build quality, sealed bearings, and a carbon drag system.

While you will spend twice as much you will have a reel that will not need to be replaced after a year or two.  Read the full Daiwa Fuego LT review HERE.

In Conclusion

Overall if you have a very limited budget or are just getting started and do not want to spend a lot of money on a reel then the Pflueger President is not a bad choice.

As I said earlier in this review it would not be my first choice as this is a freshwater reel and is going to have to be extremely well maintained if you expect to get any life out if it fishing saltwater.

If you do choose to get this reel make sure you read our article on Caring for Your Saltwater Fishing Gear.

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Ty Parker

Monday 17th of October 2022

I have eight Presidents from the 25 to the 35. Some of them are ten years old and I use them fresh and salt water. I have never had a problem with any of them. In my opinion they are great reels.