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Best Spinning Rod Reviews

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The following are a handful of the best spinning rods that we have reviewed with the majority of them being focused on inshore fishing.

Too many anglers just focus on their reel and do not pay enough attention to their rod.  Remember that it is the rod that connects to your hands and therefore transfers the feel of the bite.  It is also the rod that allows you to control your cast for distance and accuracy.

Some of the fundamentals of choosing the right fishing rod come down to things like:

  • Budget
  • Durability (think how often you fish)
  • Species of fish you will be targeting (size)
  • Length
  • 1 or 2 piece Rod
  • Rod Power (what it takes to bend the rod)
  • Rod Action (where the rod bends with a load)
  • Freshwater or Saltwater or both

To learn more about How to Choose a Fishing Rod read the full article HERE.

When we review a rod you can count on the fact that it is an unbiased review as we purchase all the equipment that we review and test.  Our objective is to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision when you spend your hard earned dollars on fishing gear.

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Best G.Loomis Spinning Rod Reviews

G.Loomis E6X Inshore

Retail $ 179

The G Loomis EX6 is built on a carbon fiber blank where the 6 comes from carbon being the 6th element in the periodic table.  Bottom line is that this is an excellent rod with a focus on balance and sensitivity.  The carbon blank makes this a very lightweight rod that truly delivers and as a bonus, these rods are made in the USA. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (oz)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
166'6"-8'EF-MMML-H6-251/4-2 1/41

G.Loomis NRX Saltwater

Retail $ 615

The G Loomis is probably one of the nicest rods I have ever had the pleasure of fishing and it comes at a price like most other things in life of high quality.  The rod blank is made of a composite material that includes graphite, carbon and 3M’s matrix resin and is super lightweight and sensitive.  This is an excellent rod and is made in the USA. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
96'8"-7'8"EF-FML-MH10-401/8-1 1/21

Best Penn Spinning Rod Reviews

Penn Battalion Surf

Retail $ 99

The Penn Battalion surf is the step up from the Penn Prevail surf rodand is an excellent choice for the angler that fishes in the surf on a regular basis and wants a good quality rod without breaking the bank.  The blank is made of a graphite and fiberglass composite and provides both strength and sensitivity.  With high quality Fuji guides and reel seats and a rubber shrink tube handle this rod is designed to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)Rod PowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
118' -12'M - H8 - 65 lb1/2 - 82

Penn Prevail Surf

Retail $ 69

The Penn Prevail is an excellent choice for an entry level surf spinning rod.  The blank is made of graphite and fiberglass composite and provides both strength and sensitivity.  With stainless steel guides, aluminum oxide inserts and a rubber shrink tube handle this rod is designed to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces

Penn Rampage Jig Spinning

Retail $ 79

The Penn Rampage Jig Spinning rode is designed specifically for vertical jigging using a spinning reel.  This is a very budget friendly rod that is constructed of graphite composite has quality components such as Fuji guides.  While designed for jigging, the rod is versatile enough to be used for site casting when the opportunity presents itself.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces

Best Shakespeare Rod Reviews

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

Retail $ 49

Here is another great rod from Shakespeare in the Ugly Stik lineup.  I don’t care what they call it these are pretty rods in that they are almost indestructible.  The GX2 was released in 2013 and incorporated graphite into the fiberglass to give the rod extra sensitivity as well as strength.  There are over 35 models available so you can always find just the right size and action for what you are targeting. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
86'-9'FL-H4-201/8-11 &2

Best Shimano Rod Reviews

Shimano Trevala S Jigging

Retail $ 169

The Shimano Trevala S Jigging rod is available in both a spinning and a casting/conventional model.  These rods are designed with one style of fishing in mind Jigging and they do it very well.  Due to the CS4 construction of the rod blanks these rods are very narrow and light while still maintaining incredible strength. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Shimano Trevala S Jigging Spinning

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
56'3" - 6'6"M - FL - MH20 - 80lbs2.65 - 5.931

Shimano Trevala S Jigging Casting

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
46'3" M - FL - MH30 - 80lbs3.17 - 5.931

Best Star Rods Spinning Reviews

Star Rods Stellar Lite

Retail $ 99

Star Rods are a brand that most people have never heard of and that is to bad as they are excellent rods that have been around since 1958.  Built for strength and durability these rods will last a lifetime and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  Built with quality components like Fuji guides and Fuji reel seats and cork grips, all I can say is these are great rods. READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
246'6"-8'L-HL-H6-301/4-31 &2

Best St Croix Spinning Rod Reviews

St Croix Avid Inshore

Retail $ 269

With the release of the redesigned Avid Inshore in 2015, it was awarded the “Best Saltwater Rod” at ICAST 2015.  This rod is made of some of the finest components on the market all mounted on the proprietary SCIII graphite rod blank and topped off with a high-end cork handle. This is a higher priced rod but actually fishes very close to something like the G Loomis NRX for half the price.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces

St Croix Legend Tournament Inshore

Retail $ 309

St. Croix keeps on cranking out the winners.  At ICAST 2017 the St Croix Legend Tournament Inshore was named the “Best of Show” so it not only won its category but was considered to be the best overall new product of the year.  I had a chance to test drive this rod at the On The Water event and I was blown away at just how sensitive the rod was.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces

St Croix Legend Xtreme Inshore

Retail $ 399

If you want a high-end rod that stands out both in looks and performance then take a look at the St Croix Legend Xtreme.  The rod is easy to spot due to its unique white color.  These rods are extremely lightweight and strong and are packed with the highest components available on the market.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
47'FML-MH6-201/8 - 1 1/41

St Croix Mojo Inshore

Retail $ 129

The St Croix Mojo Inshore is a rod that is always on the kayak with me.  For price and performance, it is hard to beat this gem and I have landed everything from small trout and mangrove snapper to snook and Bull reds on my 7′ Medium Lite Fast.  Quality Fuji and Baston components affixed to the SCII graphite blank make for an excellent rod that does not break the bank.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

ModelsLength (ft)ActionPowerLine Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (oz)Pieces
87'-7'6"FML-H6-301/8 - 21

St Croix Mojo Yak Spinning

Retail $ 149

St. Croix keeps on cranking out the winners.  At ICAST 2018 the St Croix Mojo Yak took home the Best of category for new fishing rods and there is a reason.  If you are a kayak fisherman then you are going to love this rod that is engineered with a short handle and a very sensative SCIII graphite blank.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

67' - 7' 6"ML - MHFast16-17 lb1⁄8 - 14 - 51 -2

St Croix Imperial Review

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