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Toit Fishing Split Ring Pliers Review 

Toit Fishing Split Ring Pliers Review 

As anglers, we always stumble upon tools, lures, baits, scents, and fishing gear that we didn’t know we needed. That’s what happened with the Toit Fishing split ring pliers. I stumbled upon these a few months ago and realized that they could prevent me from having to aggravate myself when I’m handling my tackle lakeside. 

Fast forward to now and they’re a regular part of my daily life. In fact, they’re even useful outside of fishing when simply having to open up a keychain. I’ve recommended these to a lot of fellow anglers and family members and now I have the privilege of recommending them to you as well. 

In this guide, you’ll learn a bit about them and why they make a difference in my fishing game. 

Bottom Line Up FrontThe Toit Fishing split ring pliers are the tool you didn’t know you needed in your tackle box. These do a great job of opening up split rings to make applying hooks and swivels much easier. They’re the perfect tool for the job and are durable and built to last a lifetime. 

What are Split Rings? 

Photo by Coty Perry

First things first, what are split rings and how do they apply to fishing? You might have most commonly run into split rings on your keychain. These are made using hardened wire shaped into the form of two individual loops. 

Split rings are typically made out of annealed wire. This type of wire is very dense and does not become misshapen easily. As a result, split rings tend to maintain their shape very well and that’s why they last so long and are so popular for a variety of reasons. 

Different Shapes 

Split rings come in many different shapes. Circles are the most common that you’ll see in fishing and they’re generally used to hold a hard-bodied lure onto a swivel that you can attach to a leader. The rings can come in other shapes such as ovals as well. Some split rings are flat while others are rounded. When it comes to fishing, round and circular split rings are the best choice. 

What are Split Ring Pliers? 

The next question is, what are split ring pliers? Keep in mind that I fished for likely ten or more years before I ever put one of these in my hand. Essentially, they’re stubby nose pliers with a jaw on one end to help open the split ring. See the picture below as an example. 

ring pliers

What makes this type of pliers so popular is the jaw on one end that allows you to wedge in between the split ring, opening it so you can more easily attach whatever it is you’re trying to put on. 

In the case of car keys, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But, when you’re trying to attach treble hooks or swivels to a split ring, it can quickly become difficult whether your hands are wet or not. It’s also important when dealing with an object that you don’t want to become scratched or damaged. 

Key Features of the Toit Fishing Pliers 

If you’ve ever been forced to jam your nails in between a split ring you’ll know why this simple technology is extremely helpful. Most of us simply use another tool like a needle nose pliers to open the split rings but they end up getting damaged and wear out the rings faster than we’d like. 

This is why Toit Fishing created these split ring pliers. In the following sections, I’m going to cover all the main features of this device and how it will impact your fishing. 

Patent Pending Technology 

Toit Fishing has a patent pending on this technology so it’s really one-of-a-kind. The main thing that separates it from other split ring pliers is instead of the hook on the end, it’s more a circular disk design which limits damage and reduces the chances of your hook getting caught in the ring. 

Three Sizes 

It comes in three sizes including small, medium, and large. This allows you to ensure that you only get the right size for your needs. The size you choose will depend a lot on the type of split ring and the gape tolerance of the ring as well. You want to make sure you don’t get a plier that is too large because you may overextend the ring. The manufacturer as well as many experts recommend going with a small or medium sized unless you’re deep sea fishing. 

Ergonomic Design 

Photo by Coty Perry

The design and overall function of these pliers is incredibly simple but ergonomic. There is an internal spring that forces the pliers open when they’re not in use. It’s also easy to squeeze and release without having to use almost any strength. 

All Metal 

There isn’t any plastic or rubber used in the manufacturing process of making these pliers. As a result, they can hold up really well against water and anything else that may get on them in the muck and mud. The all metal design won’t dent or damage when you drop it in the boat either. 

Toit Fishing Split Ring Pliers Specifications


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Toit Fishing split ring pliers. 

Question: Do you need more than one size of pliers?

Answer: It wouldn’t hurt to have more than one size but that would really depend on your fishing style and what type of species you target. If you tend to fish lakes and ponds but want to do offshore fishing, you’ll likely need two different sizes because of the varying lure sizes you’ll be using.

Question: Where can I buy a pair of split ring pliers?

Answer: The Toit Fishing split ring pliers are available for purchase on You can click here to check them out and choose which size is right for you.

Question: How do you open a split ring without pliers?

Answer: There are many ways to open a split ring if you don’t have pliers but most people resort to using their fingernails. While it might work once or twice, if you’re changing your tackle around frequently, it can become a pain to have to keep jamming your fingernail in between the split rings.


Final Thoughts 

While these might be a simple tool and not something you’d think about, they don’t take up much space in the tackle box and they’re well worth it if you’re dealing with a lot of split rings. The overall message you should take from this guide is that if you’re going to purchase split ring pliers, these are the ones you want. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better. Good luck out there!