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Flipping Rods: Experts Punch, Flip and Pitch the Best Sticks

Flipping Rods: Experts Punch, Flip and Pitch the Best Sticks

In the world of bass fishing, knowing how to flip lures can make a huge difference. This underhand style of casting has propelled numerous pro anglers into championship contenders.

Through the years, learning how to flip baits into cover has allowed me to experience tons of flipping rods.

Along with that experience, I’ve learned a lot from industry insiders and other professional bass fishermen. Now I’ve taken my quest to find the best flipping rod even further by putting them through a hands-on test.

I’ve tried over 30 rods, and during the latest weekend fishing trip, I was able to narrow it down to these three.

Top 3 Flipping Rods on the Market

If you’re in a hurry, you can take a look at my top three choices for the best flipping rods.

  1.  G. Loomis IMX-Pro Bass Casting Rod 
  2. Abu Garcia Vengeance
  3.  Cashion ICON Casting Rod 

Best Overall Flipping Rod

g loomis casting rod

G. Loomis IMX-Pro Bass Casting Rod 


  • Rod Length: 7.5
  • Rod Material: Blend
  • Type: Casting
  • Power/Action: Heavy/Fast


  • Built with IMX-Pro blank technology that is ultra strong for ripping fish out of structure 
  • The rod is specifically tapered to provide added strength to breaking points
  • Sensitive enough to distinguish the type of bottom structure (shells, wood, eel grass, etc.).
  • Fuji K-frame SIC guides provide extra smooth flips


  • Very expensive, coming in at over $350 

Why We Chose It

The G. Loomis IMX Casting Rod is 7.5 feet and is specifically made for flipping lures.

G.Loomis uses what they call IMX-Pro blank technology, which translates to them packing more graphite into a thinner rod by adding resin to the mixture.

The first thing I noticed about this rod was its weight. The total weight comes in at 6 oz. which is refreshing when compared to the weight of other standard flipping rods.

At the end of the day, the G. Loomis IMX-Pro Casting Rod shined, and that’s why we gave it the title of Best Overall Flipping Rod.

If you’re looking for a flipping rod to help perfect the art of flipping for bass, the IMX-Pro is the rod to go with!

Best Budget Flipping Rod

abu garcia vendetta casting rod

Abu Garcia Vendetta


  • Rod Length: 6.6, 6.9, 7, 7.6
  • Rod Material: Graphite 
  • Type: Casting
  • Power/Action: Heavy/Fast


  • 24-ton graphite blank provides added strength for flipping in cover
  • EVA Split-grip handle for durable and comfortable grip
  • Very affordable, coming in at under 80 bucks


  • Guides are larger than most flipping rods, creating more line whip

Why We Chose It

The Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rod comes in four sizes: 6.6, 6.9, 7, and 7.6. The rod is a one-piece rod built on a 24-ton graphite blank.

I have to admit that this rod caught me off guard when it came to flipping.

I’ve owned many Abu rods in my life and have never had the Med-Heavy/Fast rod that is made for flipping, but this rod overachieved and performed outstandingly for a rod under $100.

Overall, this rod delivered the goods and clearly exceeded expectations in strength, comfort, and sensitivity.

If you’re looking for an affordable flipping rod that can hang with the big dogs, the Vendetta is the rod to go with!

Best Heavy Flipping Rod

cashion icon

Cashion ICON Casting Rod


  • Rod Length: 7’
  • Rod Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Type: Casting
  • Power/Action: Med Heavy/Fast


  • High-quality carbon-fiber blanks offer strength and sensitivity 
  • The rod is specifically tapered to provide over-the-top strength for fishing heavy cover for big bass
  • Premium Kevlar-woven grips for extreme durability 
  • Uses premium American Tackle micro guides for reduced line whip


  • Small Micro-guides limit leader use

Why We Chose It

The Cashion ICON Casting Rod is a 7’ one-piece casting rod specifically designed to flip baits.

It’s made with a strong blank made with carbon fiber, which is a ribbon-like form of graphite that is stronger than a 100% graphite blank.

This rod was comparable to the Abu Garcia Vendetta Rod in sensitivity but was more suitable for heavy cover, in my opinion.

Flipping rods take a lot of abuse to the handle, and I’ve had many rod handles tear apart through the years, so the Kevlar-wrapped handle is a bonus for sure!

At the end of the day, the Cashion ICON Casting Rod shines in heavy cover and is the perfect rod to use when flipping into heavy cover for big bass!

Final Thoughts

Flipping to catch bass can be very productive as far as numbers, but more importantly, size.

There are some really big bass caught every day by anglers who are flipping structures close to the boat.

During my test, I was able to try out plenty of different rods and have come up with a list that I’m sure will help you select your next flipping rod.

So let’s review our top pick!

For the category of Best Overall Flipping Rod, I chose the G. Loomis IMX-Pro Bass Casting Rod 

The rod excelled in all the categories that define a legendary flipping rod, including strength, sensitivity, and handle quality. While the IMX-Pro won overall, you really can’t go wrong with all the rods mentioned in this best flipping rod guide I’ve put together.

Give them a try and tell us what you think! We’d love to hear from you!