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6 Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers: Essential Tools for Your Angling Pursuits

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of fishing accessories when assembling your angling kit because your focus is justifiably on finding the best fishing rod and reel for the type of fish you’d like to catch.

However, adding a pair of saltwater fishing pliers to your tackle box can make inshore angling much less laborious.

As an avid saltwater angler, I wasted more money than I’d like to admit on fishing pliers that couldn’t withstand the wear and tear for more than a couple of months.

Frequent exposure to saltwater, cutting thick fishing lines, or removing hooks can wear out a pair of fishing pliers quickly, leaving you without an essential tool for offshore and inshore angling.

That’s why I’ve tested dozens of saltwater fishing pliers and handpicked those you won’t have to replace often, regardless of how harsh the conditions in which you use them.

Bottom Line Up Front

Most anglers use saltwater fishing pliers to remove the hook and the bait from the fish, but this isn’t the only task you can perform with them. Hence, all models in this article are durable and versatile.

My favorite model is the Cuda Titanium Bonded Fishing Pliers because it’s suitable for recreational and pro anglers.

If you need a premium pair of pliers for saltwater fishing, I recommend getting a closer look at models like Van Staal Titanium Pliers or Danco Premio Offshore Pliers.

My Top Picks At a Glance

Model  Material  Length Price range
Cuda Titanium Bonded Fishing Pliers Aluminum, titanium 7.5 inches $$
Penn Bull-Nose Pliers Stainless steel 6.5 inches $$
Bubba Pistol Grip Fishing Pliers Aluminum 6.5 inches $$
Beyond Fishing Pro Aluminum Series Pliers Aluminum 8 inches $$
Danco Premio Offshore Pliers Titanium 7 inches $$$
Van Staal Titanium Pliers Titanium 6 or 7 inches $$$$

The Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Saltwater Fishing Pliers

The first pair of fishing pliers I got didn’t have an anti-corrosion coating, but I thought I’d still be able to use them for a year or two. Moreover, I didn’t do a great job cleaning and lubricating them, which is why I had to replace them only a few months after buying them.

The most important feature you must pay attention to when shopping for saltwater fishing pliers is the material they’re made of. In my experience, aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel models are the most durable.

Moreover, saltwater fishing pliers should have an anti-corrosion coating because it slows down rusting. The anti-slip grip is another vital feature a reliable pair of saltwater fishing pliers must have, as handling pliers that don’t have this feature with wet hands can be tricky.

Let’s explore additional features that can help you pick a good pair of saltwater fishing pliers.

  • Cutting power: Don’t forget to check if the pliers are sharp enough to cut through the braided line.
  • Nose length: The model you choose should have a long nose that allows you to quickly reach the hook and the bait.
  • Additional accessories: Getting a model that comes with a sheath will enable you to keep your saltwater fishing pliers handy and unhook a fish quickly.

The Advantages of Owning a Pair of Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Some saltwater fish have sharp teeth, so removing a hook with your own hands after you reel in a walleye or tuna isn’t only impractical but potentially dangerous.

The nose of saltwater fishing pliers is long enough to reach the hook and remove it from the fish’s mouth without putting your fingers at risk.

This tool is also useful when dealing with frayed or tangled fishing lines, as it can easily cut through monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing lines.

In addition, some models have a split-ring tool that helps you switch to a barbless hook or replace a hook on a bait. As a result, owning a pair of saltwater fishing pliers is a must for recreational and professional sea anglers.

Selection Criteria

I understand how frustrating it can be to replace your fishing pliers every few months because their teeth get dull or their handle grips get damaged from prolonged UV and saltwater exposure.

That’s why I prioritized the model’s durability during the selection process to pinpoint the saltwater fishing cutters made of materials that allow them to stay in perfect condition for a long time.

I also considered the length of the model’s nose to find the models that will enable you to remove a hook even when a fish swallows the bait and hooks go deep into its mouth.

Here’s a quick overview of other factors that influenced my decision-making during the selection process.

  • Anti-corrosion properties: I only listed models made of materials that aren’t prone to corrosion and have an anti-corrosion coating.
  • Cutting capacity: All the saltwater fishing pliers I included in this article can cut through thick and thin fishing lines.
  • Additional accessories: Buying sheaths and lanyards separately will increase your costs, so most models you’ll find in this article come with these accessories.

Top 6 Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Cuda Titanium Bonded Fishing Pliers: The Best Overall Saltwater Fishing Pliers

I got my first pair of Cuda pliers years ago and am still impressed by their durability. That’s why I think Cuda Titanium Bonded Fishing Pliers are a great option for all anglers, regardless of their skill level.

Due to the full-tang design, these saltwater fishing cutters are lightweight but incredibly sturdy. The model’s aluminum alloy construction protects them from corrosion, while the Cuda Scale Grip lets you hold them firmly even when your hands are wet.

Their nose features tungsten carbide blades bonded with titanium, so you won’t have any difficulties cutting a monofilament, braided line, or any other fishing line with these pliers.

The Cuda’s model comes with a ballistic nylon sheath and lanyard that allow you to keep the pliers close while holding the fishing rod.


  • These pliers are perfect for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • The long nose allows you to unhook a fish quickly
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures a firm grip
  • Effortless upkeep


  • The sheath isn’t waterproof
  • Cutting blades might break under pressure

Penn Bull-Nose Pliers: The Best Budget Saltwater Fishing Pliers

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Penn fishing gear, but despite this, I’m not biased when I say that the Penn Bull-Nose Pliers are among the best budget saltwater fishing pliers on the market.

These pliers offer plenty of bang for the buck, as they can cut through virtually anything, and they’re ideal for inshore anglers who need a tool that won’t rust quickly.

Their stainless steel construction and nickel-titanium coating prevent rusting, but they won’t last very long if you don’t clean them after every use. The Penn’s pliers have razor-sharp cutters that can easily snip a braided line, and you can replace them when they get dull.

Their jaws feature knot-cinching holes that allow you to crip the line when angling for large fish.


  • Penn Bull-Nose Pliers are available in two sizes
  • These saltwater fishing pliers have non-slip handles
  • The model is suitable for heavy-duty applications due to its durable construction
  • These pliers can cut through 500lbs test monoline effortlessly


  • You must purchase the sheath and lanyard separately
  • They’re heavier than similar models

Bubba Pistol Grip Fishing Pliers: The Best Pistol-Grip Saltwater Fishing Pliers

If you’re frequently struggling to unhook the fish you catch, I recommend getting the Bubba Pistol Grip Fishing Pliers. The model’s available in two sizes with 3-inch and 4-inch long jaws, so you should opt for the 4-inch option if you angle for large saltwater fish species.

The pistol grip design and spring-loaded jaws enable you to get a firm hold of the hook and minimize the damage to the fish’s mouth while pulling it out.

The aluminum nose has a titanium-nitride coating, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion if you take proper care of the pliers.

Moreover, this Bubba model comes with a crimper tool that allows you to adjust your line to catch big fish.


  • 90-degree angle simplifies hook removal
  • Long service life due to aerospace aluminum construction
  • These fishing pliers have non-slip drip handles
  • The tool has a split-ring option for removing or replacing hooks on lures


  • The nose on the 6.5-inch model might be too short for unhooking large saltwater fish species
  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty for this product

Beyond Fishing Pro Aluminum Series Pliers: The Best Multi-Functional Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Having a pair of multi-functional fishing pliers, like the Beyond Fishing Pro Aluminum Series pliers, will eliminate the need to use a different tool whenever you want to crimp a sleeve, cut a line, or replace a hook.

The aircraft-grade anodized aluminum structure and titanium anti-corrosion coating enable you to use these pliers in saltwater or freshwater conditions without any risk of rusting. Their carbide cutters, located under the nose, can slice any fishing line, regardless of its thickness.

Moreover, these pliers have a ring splitter tip, a split-ring nose, and crimping slots, so you can use them to crimp a lead weight, replace a hook on a lure, or remove a hook from a fish.

The ergonomic handle has a lock that lets you control its inner spring but doesn’t have anti-slipping features.


  • This model is inexpensive
  • Carbide coating prevents the cutters from becoming dull quickly
  • A coiled lanyard keeps the sheath and pliers firmly attached to the angler’s body
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing due to high corrosion-resistance level


  • The handle doesn’t have anti-slipping properties
  • Line cutter can get loose over time

Danco Premio Offshore Pliers: The Best Saltwater Pliers for Offshore Fishing

A handful of fishing plier manufacturers can compete with the quality of Danco’s products. Although their price might seem steep initially, buying Danco Premio Offshore Pliers will ensure you won’t need another pair of fishing pliers for years.

These 100% machined titanium pliers are long and sturdy enough to remove a hook, even from a large fish. Their cobalt-titanium cutters remain sharp for months even if you cut braided lines with them every day, and you can replace them when they get dull.

You can use these saltwater fishing pliers for surf, inshore, or offshore fishing, as they allow you to handle hooks and lures of all sizes.

You’ll also get a belt-loop leather sheath, an elastic lanyard, and a stainless steel D-ring with pliers, so you can always keep this indispensable tool close by.


  • The model is made from high-quality materials that don’t rust easily
  • Danco Premio’s Offshore Pliers come with a lifetime warranty
  • Effortless hook removal
  • Cobalt-titanium cutters are replaceable


  • This model is available in only one size

Van Staal Titanium Pliers: The Best High-End Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Van Staal Titanium Pliers are ideal for pro anglers who routinely cut thick fishing lines and remove hooks in the open sea. These pliers feel indestructible in your hand as they’re made of 6AL-4V titanium, which delivers plenty of cutting power.

You can get a 6-inch or 7-inch-long version of these saltwater fishing pliers, but keep in mind that the price depends on their size.

In addition, the material is corrosion-proof, so the pliers won’t rust even if they’re soaked in salty water every day.

Their tungsten cutter and anvil are durable, and you can replace them when they wear out. In addition, the pliers have high-precision bushings that deliver clean line cuts, while the line-keeper feature prevents the line from moving out of the cut zone.

Ergonomically designed handles are spring-loaded and ensure a firm grip even when your hands are wet.


  • No rusting even after years of usage in saltwater conditions
  • Sharp and durable cutters
  • These pliers weigh just 16oz
  • The leather sheath is elegantly designed


  • The prohibitively high price makes the pliers only suitable for professional anglers
  • Finding information about the warranty is difficult

Frequently Asked Questions About Saltwater Fishing Pliers

How Often Do I Have to Clean Saltwater Fishing Pliers?

Cleaning and lubricating the saltwater fishing pliers after every fishing trip is recommended because it will slow down the corrosion of their components.

Should I Replace My Saltwater Fishing Pliers After I Notice the First Signs of Corrosion?

You should try removing the rust with sandpaper or baking soda paste before throwing them away.

Which Saltwater Fishing Plier Length Should I Get?

The optimal length of fishing pliers depends on the fish species you’re angling for, as some species have deeper mouths than others. You should get an 8-inch pair of saltwater fishing pliers if you’re angling for big fish, while a 6.5-inch is a good fit for smaller species.

My Verdict: Choosing the Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Cutting different types of fishing lines, removing hooks from fish’s mouths, or cutting bait are some of the most common reasons you’ll need a pair of saltwater fishing pliers if you’re serious about getting into offshore or inshore angling.

An affordable model like the Cuda Titanium Bonded Fishing Pliers is an excellent option if you’re a novice saltwater angler because they have impressive anti-corrosion properties, can cut through mono or braided lines, and allow you to get a firm grip on the hook.

Consider getting Van Staal Titanium Pliers or Danco Premio Offshore Pliers if you’re a professional offshore angler and want a pair of pliers that can last you a lifetime.