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Best Fishing Line for Trout

Best Fishing Line for Trout

Recreational Targeting of Trout is a great way to spend some well-deserved time off. 

Whether you are hiking through rivers in the mountains, scratching off the banks of a lake, or flicking from your riverboat, successfully targeting this prized species is a test for all anglers. 

For this reason, your equipment, especially your fishing line, must be of the highest quality.

The passion, quality, and amount of technology in modern fishing lines are breathtaking. 

Enthusiastic manufacturers are constantly pushing the manufacturing envelope, ensuring that more anglers all over the globe catch more fish. 

There are a ridiculous number of fishing lines available, but this is one department of your tacklebox where you cannot take shortcuts. 

I had the pleasure and honor of targeting trout species in rivers and streams for over 25 years. 

I have been fortunate enough to have landed some beautiful specimens along the way, but simultaneously, I have also lost some monsters. 

Not knowing what was on the end of my line continuously haunted me, which drove me to always fish with the very best line possible.

Choosing the best fishing line for trout can be daunting. 

This guide will explore the best lines for various fishing disciplines, the manufacturer, and why they are the perfect fishing lines for you to target elusive Trout.

Bottom Line Upfront

My Top Pick for the Best Fishing Line for Trout goes to Super Advance Twitch Master VLS Nylon Fishing Line

Made by Varivas in Japan, this exceptional fishing line is trout-specific. Varivas are well-known and famed for durability and reliability. 

It offers minimal stretch, is surprisingly responsive, and is designed to improve lure action in the water. 

It is made from premium nylon and coated in Super Fluororesin, and exhibits a gorgeous champagne/gold color, which significantly enhances the traceability of the line in the water. 

Best of all, Super Advance Twitch Master VLS Fishing Line significantly reduces the pressure inflicted on the small and timid fish we all love.

fishing line

Quick Overview: Top Picks at a Glance

  • Berkley Trilene XL Float Line – Best Floating Line
  • Daiwa Sensor Monofilament – Best Spoon and Spinners Line
  • Super Trout Advance Twitch Master VLS Nylon – Best Fishing Line for Trout
  • ORVIS Pro Trout Smooth Olive WF7 – Most Versatile Fishing Line
  • Yo-Zuri Super Braid White – Best Braided Fishing Line

Selection Criteria

All products featured in this guide are subject to stringent yet fair selection criteria:


All products featured in this guide are made by authentic and reputable manufacturers. 

There are numerous products online with attractive pricing, but if I have not used the product or have experience with the brand, it will not feature in this guide.

fishing line for trout


It can take hours, and sometimes even days, to successfully lure your prized fish from the shadows. 

I know the pain of losing such a fish, especially after putting in so much time and effort. 

Therefore, all fishing lines featured in this guide are of the highest quality. 

A good fishing line is possibly the most crucial piece of your fishing equipment, so anything below excellence will not feature in this guide.


While I try to include the Best Budget Product in all my guides, price did not play a factor in this guide. 

I have featured the absolute best Trout fishing lines for various Trout fishing techniques, regardless of their price.

Trout Fishing Techniques

Maturing wild Trout often feast on smaller fish and spend most of their adult lives actively pursuing their prey. 

Therefore, there are numerous ways to target this incredible species:

Traditional Fly

Traditional fly-fishing is an excellent way to target Trout. 

Of all the techniques, this one is the most difficult and requires a certain skill level. 

The casting and retrieving action of fly-fishing is unique and complex, do not get despondent if you find the fishing action difficult in the beginning, because most anglers do. 

I strongly suggest you watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube. Practice your technique at home or the local park for an hour or two before you go fishing. 

Fly-Fishing requires a traditional fly rod, fly reel, specialized fly line, a tippet, and an array of realistic flies.  


Spoons, Spinners, and Artificial Lures

Large Trout have been caught all over the world on numerous different styles of spoons, spinners, and artificial lures. 

This fishing setup is particularly effective in large lakes, reservoirs, and Trout farms. 

Casting distance can be maximized, which increases the surface area of water that can be fished. 

Targeting Trout with spoons, spinners, and artificial lures requires conventional fishing equipment. 

One will need a standard fishing rod, a standard fishing reel, a leader line, and a choice of braided, monofilament, or fluorocarbon fishing line.

spinner fishing


Trolling is often referred to as trawling in some parts, and this technique requires a vessel to slowly drag your lure or fly across the body of water you are fishing. 

You will require a standard fishing rod, standard fishing reel, a fluoro leader line, and a spool with monofilament, fluorocarbon, or a braided fishing line. 

While this is a great way to cover large amounts of fishing ground, I prefer the traditional way of targeting this beautiful species.


Live Bait

Trout can be targeted using live bait, and this technique can be effective in slow-running streams/rivers, large lakes, and reservoirs. 

Live bait will instinctively try to find a nook or cranny to hide in, you must prevent this from happening, or you will never catch a fish. 

The best way to achieve this is to suspend your live bait from a float or a bobber. 

Doing so will prevent the fish from accessing a hide-out and keep it in the strike zone. 

Fishing for Trout with live bait and a bobber/float is the most relaxing way to target this species. 

This technique requires a conventional rod and a conventional reel, a float, a leader line, and a choice of braided, monofilament, or fluorocarbon fishing line.

live bait

Types of Fishing Line


A monofilament fishing line is a single-strand line made from nylon. 

Monofilament is strong but offers minimal shock impact and stretch. 

It is ideal for the main line and backing line on your spool, but I would not recommend using it as a leader line. 

Monofilament deflects light in the water, which can deter predatory fish with excellent eyesight. 

Additionally, monofilament is significantly cheaper than any other type of fishing line on the market, making it perfect for the main line on your spool.

monofilament fishing line


Made from premium Fluoropolymer PVDF and often referred to as Fluoro, the Fluorocarbon fishing line is a crucial piece of your fishing equipment. 

The design of the fishing line is more expensive than monofilament and should not typically feature as the main line on your spool. 

Not to say that you cannot use Fluoro as the main line, and I am sure there are possibly some anglers out there who prefer that setup. 

Fluoro is the perfect line for your leader, offering significant stretch, which results in maximum shock absorption. 

Additionally, fluoropolymer PVDF is a dense material that sinks much more quickly than monofilament. 

The material offers a similar refraction index to water, making it almost invisible to fish.

best fluorocarbon fishing line

Braided Line

Braided fishing line or Braid is a high-tech and modern interpretation of the fishing line, composed of between four to eight strands of either Spectra, Dacron, or Micro-Dyneema. 

This design is appreciably more durable than other fishing lines of the same diameter. 

Braid is sensitive and super responsive to the angler and can also increase casting distance due to its thin diameter. 

Braid does not suffer from line memory but is susceptible to wind knots.

For this reason, a braided line is a good option when trolling or fishing spoons, spinners, and artificial lures. 

Always include a generous length of fluoro leader line, as a braided line should never feature as your leader line.

Best Fishing Line for Trout

Below is a list of the five best fishing lines for targeting Trout:

Berkley Trilene XL Float Line

berkley trilene xl float line

Berkley has been producing exceptional fishing equipment since 1937. 

Based in Spirit Lake, Iowa, they are constantly at the forefront of fishing technology and are deeply passionate about fresh and saltwater fishing. 

The company produces exceptional fishing rods, reels, lines, lures, fishing accessories, and quality fishing-themed apparel. 

The company is whole-heartedly committed to conservation and saving our planet, implementing the BCI (Berkley Conservation Institute). 

BCI uses its technology and science to help preserve the world’s fish population.

Berkley Trilene XL (Extra Limp) Float Line is the perfect line for traditional Fly Fishing techniques, especially when fishing shallow streams and fast-flowing rivers. 

Trilene XL Float Line is an ideal option for fishing an assortment of topwater lures, consistently keeping your flies on the surface and in the desired strike zone. 

It offers a silky smooth cast with minimal line memory and is significantly less susceptible to knots and tangles. 

Berkley is synonymous with innovation and quality, so I am always confident when fishing their products. 

The Trilene XL Float is my favorite surface line and my first choice when fishing fast-moving rivers and shallow streams. 

It prevents your fly from getting caught up on rocks or underlying structures, allowing you to effectively present your lure to hungry fish, regardless of the water conditions.

Pros and Cons of Berkley Trilene XL Float Line


  • World-Class Floating Fishing Line
  • Extremely Strong and Abrasion Resistant 
  • Superb Knot Strength
  • Fewer Tangles and Knots
  • Extra Limp Design
  • Minimal Line Memory
  • Excellent Casting Qualities


  • Can only be used on Fly-Fishing Reels

Daiwa Sensor Monofilament

daiwa sensor monofilament

Daiwa is a Japanese Company originating in the 1950s, and today is one of the most reputable fishing brands on the planet. 

Daiwa is famed for producing exceptional fishing reels, with some considered the best in multiple fishing disciplines. 

Additionally, the company produces world-class fishing rods and accessories, including an excellent range of hi-tech fishing lines. 

The New Sensor Range of monofilament fishing line is up there with the best. 

It is versatile and offers rugged performance with outstanding reliability. 

Furthermore, Sensor Monofilament delivers exceptional knot strength, consistent line diameter, and incredible durability. 

The Sensor Series does exhibit minimal line memory but less than most monofilament brands. 

Daiwa Sensor Monofilament delivers exceptional casting capability and is an ideal fishing line for targeting Trout with spinners, spoons, and artificial lures. 

I am a massive fan of Daiwa Fishing Equipment, and I can confidently recommend Sensor Monofilament to all enthusiastic Trout Anglers. 

It sits snug on your spool, is super strong, and is almost invisible underwater.

I use the Daiwa Sensor Fishing Line when targeting Trout in large lakes and reservoirs. 

It allows me to get my spinner, spoon, or artificial lure out further, enabling me to fish in a larger area.

Pros and Cons of Daiwa Sensor Monofilament


  • Top-Class Monofilament Fishing Line
  • Exceptional Casting Capability
  • Minimal Line Memory
  • Rugged Performance
  • Exceptional Reliability
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Low Under-water Light Refraction
  • Well-Priced


  • Daiwa Sensor Monofilament is Designed for Spinning Reels (Parallel-Wound) and cannot feature on Traditional Fly Fishing Reels.

Super Trout Advance Twitch Master VLS Nylon Fishing Line

super trout advance twitch master vls nylon fishing line

Super Trout Advance Twitch Master VLS Nylon Fishing Line, is proudly produced by Varivas Fishing Company in Japan. 

Varivas Fishing Line is widely-considered to be among the best on the market. 

The iconic brand has been faithfully supported by anglers from over 50 countries, for over four decades. 

Varivas produces quality fishing reels, rods, and fishing accessories, but the fishing line is where this company shines.

Super Trout Advance Twitch Master Nylon Fishing Line offers low stretch, resulting in a direct and responsive fight. 

Designed to improve the action of your lure, it excels when fished in fast-running streams and rivers. 

Super Trout Advance Master VLS is made from the finest nylon and coated in super fluororesin. 

The traceability of your line is greatly enhanced in the water by a natural champagne/gold color. 

The level of control you get is remarkable, whether you are casting out your lure or fighting your prized catch. 

This exceptional series is available in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 lb breaking strains.

What I love most about this fishing line is that it minimizes the pressure inflicted on small and timid fish. 

It is an excellent line for targeting elusive species that are less aggressive and more elusive. 

I enjoy using this remarkable fishing line on the lightest tackle possible. 

Regardless of your fishing discipline, every Trout enthusiast should feature Super Trout Advance Twitch Master VLS in their fishing arsenal.

Pros and Cons of Super Trout Advance Twitch Master VLS


  • High-Performance Fishing Line from Varivas
  • Gorgeous Champagne/Gold Color
  • Super Fluororesin Coating
  • Improved Lure Action
  • High Level of Control
  • Excellent Traceability in Water
  • Minimizes Pressure on Small and Timid Fish


  • Can only be used on Spinning Reels and Baitcast Reels (Parallel-Wound)

ORVIS Pro Trout Smooth Olive WF7

orvis pro trout smooth olive wf7

ORVIS is all-American and one of the companies that pioneered fly fishing and numerous other outdoor adventures and activities. 

The company was founded by Charles F. Orvis in 1865, priding itself on excellent customer service and superior fly fishing equipment. 

Fast-forwarding almost 160 years, the company still produces world-class fly fishing rods, fly fishing reels, and exceptional fly-fishing lines.

ORVIS Pro Trout Smooth Olive WF7 is a versatile fishing line that can feature in multiple disciplines in numerous environments. 

It offers outstanding line control with excellent casting ability. 

The line is coated in a slick material, resulting in improved casting, floating, and overall performance. 

The durability is unquestionable, and this series is available in numerous variations to cater to all Trout enthusiasts.

I have a large amount of respect for the ORVIS Brand and believe that they were not only pioneers and innovators of the sport but also the benchmark. 

You do not find this kind of quality and attention to detail in the modern world. 

The Pro Trout Smooth Olive WF7 is the most versatile Trout Fishing Line available to anglers. 

I find it excels in both fast-moving rivers and large, non-moving bodies of water.

Pros and Cons of ORVIS Pro Trout Smooth Olive WF7


  • Quality and Professional Trout Fishing Line from ORVIS
  • Improved Casting, Floating, and Performance
  • Remarkable Line Control
  • Strong and Durable
  • Versatile and Reliable


  • The More Expensive Brands
  • Can only Feature on a Fly Fishing Reel

Yo-Zuri Super Braid White

yo-zuri super braid white

Yo-Zuri is an authentic Japanese Company respected for producing exceptional fishing lures, fishing lines, and leader lines. 

Yo-Zuri has been servicing the local fishing community for over 50 years, and today, their products are shipped and fished on every continent. 

Yo-Zuri is all about quality, technological advancements, and satisfied customers, and the company is passionate about getting you more fish.

Yo-Zuri Super Braid White is an excellent braided fishing line that is perfect for targeting Trout, and an array of freshwater and saltwater species. 

It is a super-compact 4-strand braided fishing line, whereby the individual strands are bonded together by a unique heat integration process. 

The line is then coated with a low-stretch and abrasion-resistant material, resulting in a durable and responsive fishing line. 

Yo-Zuri Super Braid White offers an ultra-thin diameter and delivers remarkable casting abilities. 

Super Braid White is available in a 10-80 lb breaking strain, but 10-20 lb is strong enough to bring in super-sized and large species of Trout. 

It is an excellent line for fishing large bodies of water, like deep lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. 

Yo-Zuri Super Braid White is a hi-tech, performance-oriented, durable, and reliable fishing line. 

It is the perfect line for fishing lakes and streams that are known to house large Trout and other large species of freshwater fish. 

The 10-80 lb breaking strain range is strong enough to bring in the largest of Trout. 

It is an ideal line for trolling hard baits and artificial lures and is ideally suited for spinning and baitcasting reels. 

A quality tippet or generous Yo-Zuri fluoro leader line will complete your line setup.

Pros and Cons of Yo-Zuri Super Braid White


  • Quality Fishing Line from Yo-Zuri, Japan
  • Super Strong and Durable
  • Outstanding Casting Ability
  • Responsive
  • Zero Line Memory
  • Well-Priced


  • Susceptible to Wind-Knots and Tangles
  • Super Braid White Cannot feature on Traditional Fly Fishing Reels

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What color fishing line is best for targeting Trout?

Answer: When targeting Trout, the color of your fishing line is more important than most people think. Trout are predators who hunt by sight, and they are very effective. The answer to your question depends on the conditions under which you will be fishing. Slightly greenish water requires a white or green line. Brown water requires a white or brown fishing line. Pristine and clear conditions require an almost invisible line like a fluorocarbon. Trout have exceptional vision, and anything that does not look natural will spook them and chase them away.

Question: What is the ideal breaking strain for a Trout fishing line?

Answer: There have been some enormous Trout caught over the last century, but generally speaking, Trout do not grow that big compared to other freshwater species. Additionally, Trout have exceptional vision, so always try to target them using the lightest fishing tackle possible. Light tackle will allow for a more realistic swimming action, and the fight will be more enjoyable. A quality line with a breaking strain of 8 lb, 10 lb, or 12 lb is ideal for targeting most species of Trout.

Question: What is the best time of the day to target Trout?

Answer: Most types of Trout can be targeted throughout the day. However, the best times are sunrise and the two hours that follow. And the two hours leading up to sunset. Displaying a similar pattern to humans, I have found that Trout enjoy a mid-day meal, so it is always worth having a scratch between 12h00 and 14h00.

Question: What is the best time of the year to go Trout fishing?

Answer: Most fish species are more active in the summer months and when the conditions are warmer. Trout are quite the opposite, and activity increases in winter when the conditions are milder. In the United States, the best time of the year to target Trout are the months of November and December.

Conclusion: Best Fishing Line for Trout

Anglers around the globe are spoilt for choice when stocking up their tackle box. 

There are numerous products and brands available to passionate anglers, and while some fishing lines are world-class, many are not. Choosing a quality fishing line is vital and will significantly reduce the number of fish lost.

My Top Pick for the best line for Trout goes to Super Advance Twitch Master VLS Nylon Fishing Line. This outstanding fishing line is made by Varivas, in Japan. Varivas is well-known for innovation, durability, and reliability. 

Super Advance Twitch Master VLS Nylon is made from premium nylon and coated in super fluororesin. It exhibits a gorgeous champagne/gold color, which greatly enhances the traceability of the line in the water. It offers minimal stretch, is extremely responsive, and is designed to improve lure action in the water. 

What I love most about Super Advance Twitch Master VLS Fishing Line is that it significantly reduces the pressure inflicted on small and timid fish. The stress of a fight puts severe pressure on all fish species, so please handle it with care and practice tag and release where possible.

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