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Abu Garcia Revo SX Review: Low-Profile and Buttery Smooth

Abu Garcia Revo SX Review: Low-Profile and Buttery Smooth

In this review, we have one of my favorite types of reels; the low-profile baitcaster. These reels are comfortable, ergonomic, lightweight, and buttery smooth. 

All of these features combined create a reel that’s fun to use, easy to cast, and great at handling large fish, whether you’re in the salt or backwater chasing bass. 

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is one of the most popular low-profile baitcasters for a reason. It’s durable and constructed with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, giving it a buttery smooth cast and retrieval. 

My goal for this review is to help you understand the ins and outs of this reel and why it’s worth the price. 

The Bottom Line

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is a versatile and reliable baitcaster that’s been around since 2017. Its impressive features, such as the Infini Spool II and Infini-Brake System, contribute to smooth casting and accurate control.

While the price tag doesn’t make it the most affordable reel I’ve ever held, it definitely gives you some bang for your buck, and once you play with it, you won’t feel like you overpaid. 

Abu Garcia Revo SX Specs

  • Gear Ratio: Varies by model (6.6:1, 7.3:1, or 8.0:1)
  • Mono Capacity (yards/lbs): Varies by model (145/12, 175/12, or 180/10)
  • Max Drag: Varies by model (20 lbs or 24 lbs)
  • Weight: Varies by model (7.83 oz, 7.92 oz, or 7.94 oz)

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Now let’s take a look at some of the main features that make the Abu Garcia Revo SX stand out: 

Infini Spool II

The Infini Spool is really what makes this reel tick. It’s designed to create a buttery smooth cast, which helps improve casting distance and accuracy. I compare the smoothness of this reel to the great saltwater reel, the Daiwa Saltist. When you have more control over your cast, you have a better chance of hitting the pockets you’re targeting and experiencing less backlash. infini brake system from abu

Infini-Brake System

Speaking of backlash, this is a big factor that turns a lot of newbies away from baitcasters, but you won’t have to worry too much with the Abu Garcia Revo SX. The reel offers a top-notch braking system combining centrifugal and magnetic brakes, which helps slow down the spool once your lure hits the water to prevent your line from nesting. 

Magnetic Brake

The addition of a magnetic brake system further enhances the casting control of the Revo SX. It helps minimize the occurrence of backlash, especially when using lighter lures or fishing in windy conditions. The magnetic brake can be adjusted easily using the external dial, allowing anglers to fine-tune their casting performance on the go.

power stack drag system

Power Stack Drag System

Drag pressure is important for saltwater fishing and the Power Stack is one of the features that make this reel a good choice for inshore saltwater. The system provides smooth and consistent drag pressure, which is perfect for managing large battles with Tarpon and Peacock Bass. The reel features a maximum weight of 24 lbs so it’s capable of tackling a large variety of fish. 

9+1 Bearings

The 9+1 bearing system is about as good as it gets in this day and age. These are high-quality HPCR stainless steel bearings that create a more fluid retrieve and smooth casting with limited maintenance and risk for saltwater damage over time. 

Field Test

Out on the water, the first thing that stands out to me is the comfortable handling and effortless casting of the Abu Garcia Revo SX. The Infini Spool system specifically allows me to throw my lure directly where I want it, regardless of wind or obstruction. Pair that with the braking system, and controlling your lure is no longer a longer a question.

The reel’s low profile design also hugs the blank nicely and doesn’t get in the way of casting and retrieving. Since it’s less than eight ounces, it definitely feels like a reel that you would want if you were taking a long trip. 

Personally, I see this reel as a great option for a seasoned angler who has been out on the water a lot but has been looking for a beginner baitcaster. The Abu Garcia Revo SX is incredibly popular amongst new baitcasters, and the balanced design and ease of use really bring it all together.

Model Breakdown

Model Number Gear Ratio Mono Capacity (yards/lbs) Max Drag (lbs) Weight (oz)
REVO4 SX 6.6:1 145/12 20 7.83
REVO4 SX-HS 7.3:1 145/12 20 7.83
REVO4 SX-HS-L 7.3:1 145/12 20 7.92
REVO4 SX-HS-L 7.3:1 175/12 20 7.92
REVO4 SX-HS 7.3:1 180/10 20 7.94
REVO4 SX-HS-L 7.3:1 180/10 20 7.94



Balanced Design: The Revo SX’s ergonomic and balanced design ensures comfortable handling and reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions.

Smooth Casting: The Infini Spool II and Infini-Brake systems provide excellent casting performance with reduced backlash, allowing for accurate and effortless casting.

Precise Control: The combination of the Infini-Brake System and the magnetic brake offers anglers precise control over the reel’s spool rotation, making it easier to adapt to different fishing conditions.

Strong Drag System: The Power Stack Drag System delivers consistent and reliable drag pressure, allowing anglers to tackle hard-fighting fish with ease.

Quality Bearings: The 9+1 stainless steel HPCR bearings ensure a smooth and frictionless retrieve, enhancing overall reel performance.


Price: While it’s definitely not the most expensive reel out there, it’s a little pricey for beginners who are considering a baitcasting reel. 

Limited Gear Ratio: The Revo SX only comes in two gear ratios. 

Final Thoughts

Let me bring this together for you. The theme of this Abu Garcia Revo SX review is that this reel is one of the best low-profile baitcasters ever made. It’s popular for a reason and versatile for both freshwater and saltwater.  

The Infini technology used in the spool and braking system creates a smooth, comfortable, and super beginner-friendly experience, so I highly recommend this reel to new baitcast fishermen. 

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