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Best Amazon Prime Day Fishing Deals for 2018

When does Amazon Prime Days Start for 2018?

Amazon’s 2018 Prime Day sale will feature 30 hours of savings starting at 12PM Pacific 3PM Eastern on July 16th and runs through midnight on July 17th.   To take advantage of these savings, you need to be a Prime member.  If you are not already a Prime member, then make sure to secure your FREE Amazon Prime 30-Day Trial Membership.

This year, our team will be scoping out the best Prime Day Deals that have to do with fishing, so that you can bring home the savings.

Is Prime really worth it?

For many years I was not a member of Prime because I did not think that the $100 a year was worth it.  However, I always found myself buying one more thing to qualify for the Free Shipping.  Now I just buy what I want when I want it and get Free Shipping even if I only need to order $5 worth of batteries for my bait bubbler.

Even with the recent price increase of Amazon Prime from $9.99 to $12.99 per month I feel it is still a deal.  When combining Free Shipping with the Amazon Music and Amazon Video, I often ask myself why did I wait so long.

The bottom line is that if you order 20+ times a year and would like to watch some of the awesome streaming content like Sport Fishing TV, Silver Kings, and another 400+ fishing titles, then Amazon Prime probably makes sense for you.

How do the Deals Work?

Amazon tends to run two types of deals through the Prime Day: Traditional deals last for the full 30 hours and then lightning deals expire after a set amount of time—or when stock runs out.

What is a lightning deal?

Lightning deals only last for a short period of time and typically offer deep discounts on a specific item, each deal lasts for a set amount of time (usually a few hours) or once stock on that item runs out, whichever happens first.   First, you have to claim a deal, then you have a certain amount of time to purchase before your claim expires.

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