If I maybe so lucky – 30 seconds on the bow

If I maybe so lucky – 30 seconds on the bow

By Bradley Wherry – Submitted 2/15/2017

focus. FOCUS. I have to fo-cus. but there’s that voice behind me. it keeps saying stuff!!!

“1 o’clock string coming… Moving right to left towards us…”

the voice is hushed and I can barely hear it over the wind and the waves lapping against the hull.
my heart starts pounding. Its a damn jack-hammer! 1 o’clock? focus! no, the other 1 o’clock! jack-hammer again. would someone just stop it please!
I’m looking and looking. I have to say I don’t see them but my voice is croaking. “ I-can’t-see-them…”

the voice again – just a calm whisper saying “They’re coming. Just wait and keep looking. 12:30 going to 11..”

urgh – I can’t think – the jack-hammer is still going off!! I’m mesmerized by the sound.

“Start Casting!” the voice is still hushed but commanding!

the urgency in the voice means so much more: – you’re an idiot! *what* are you doing?! wake up! I want you to catch that fish!
shit! f**k!! where are they?!
“I see them now.”
Big black blobs moving below the surface 60 feet out.
.. slow-down – you’ll blow it!

“Drop it on the next one” I need the voice. it is my only ground at this moment in time but it’s a jolt when I hear it.
“small strip, tick, tick; faster; strip – she’s on it, strip strip; she ate it! Hit ‘em!!! Hit ‘em|||”

things are moving fast now: line through the guides; coming off the deck; my brain though is in slow motion as I look down! I utter a torqued sound> “s-h-i-i-i-t!!!”
dance motherf**ker dance!!!
I’m standing on the line and there’s not much left!

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