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Baitrunner Spinning Reels Explained

What is a Baitrunner Spinning Reel?So what is this reel they call a Baitrunner or Free Spool as some refer to it all about?  If you are not familiar with the Baitrunner reel, then let me explain.They are used when you want to fish with either live or cut...

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How to Choose a Star Drag vs. Lever Drag Reel

If you are new to fishing or have never fished a conventional reel before, the question is sure to come up about what is better, a star drag or a lever drag on a conventional reel.  Let's take a look at the two styles of conventional reels so we can learn the...

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SAILFISH By Brian M. Finnigan - February 27, 2017 Growing up in southeastern Idaho, summer weekends consisted of fishing some of America’s greatest blue ribbon trout streams and rivers. My dad was an avid angler. There was truly nothing else he’d rather do than flog...

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If I maybe so lucky – 30 seconds on the bow

If I maybe so lucky – 30 seconds on the bow By Bradley Wherry - Submitted 2/15/2017 focus. FOCUS. I have to fo-cus. but there’s that voice behind me. it keeps saying stuff!!! "1 o’clock string coming… Moving right to left towards us..." the voice is hushed and I can...

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How To Choose a Fishing Rod

Learning how to choose a fishing rod of good quality along with the proper reel is at the foundation for having success and fun when you go saltwater fishing.  Like most things in life, you typically get what you pay for, however like most things in life, there are...

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